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The Soviet Jewry Struggle

Moscow, 1972. The tyrannical Communist regime has been denying its citizens basic human rights, including permission to leave the Soviet Union, driving a group of Soviet Jews to fight for the right to move to Israel. Amidst all of this, a Soviet stage star, concealing her Jewish identity, unwittingly becomes embroiled in this world of Jewish activists, and consequently finds herself in the tentacles of the KGB. She is framed, sent to the Gulag, where she must use her theatrical charisma to survive and save others before she is crushed by the KGB. 

Experience this epic historical musical and watch it come to life with a cast of 50 women and girls, joining together in drama, song and dance to portray the famous struggle to "Let My People Go".

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Photos from the Show
Courtesy of Ita Arbit & Beth Lanin
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