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Co-Founder, Co-Lyricist, Co-Composer, Co-Producer

Sharon Katz, co-founder of the Women’s Performance Community of Jerusalem, co-lyricist/composer/producer of "WHISPER FREEDOM: The Soviet Jewry Struggle", is a legend in the world of women’s performance. She is also founder of three other performance companies - Raise Your Spirits Theatre (2001), Dames of the Dance mega-dance spectaculars (2007) and NOARoked youth dance productions (2014). She has produced and performed in 21 women’s productions and has co-authored six musicals, three of which, "Count the Stars", "HIDDEN: The Secret Jews of Spain" and "WHISPER FREEDOM", she co-authored/co-composed with creative partner Avital Macales. "WHISPER FREEDOM" will take the stage when the world is healed.



Co-Founder, Co-Lyricist, Co-Composer, Co-Producer

​Avital Macales is a co-founder of the Women's Performance Community of Jerusalem and the co-lyricst/composer/producer of "WHISPER FREEDOM: The Soviet Jewry Struggle". Avital is a professional singer and actor, and has been performing for the past 15 years on various community theater stages around Israel and on screen, in leading roles, including in WPC, Raise Your Spirits Theatre, WIT (Women-in-Theater) Modiin, J-Town Playhouse and Theater and Theology. By day, Avital works as a Hebrew editor, with a Master's degree in Hebrew Language. Avital is also the co-author/co-composer of "Count the Stars" and "Hidden - The Secret Jews of Spain" with creative partner Sharon Katz. In addition, Avital is working on an album of songs showcasing different Biblical characters.



Co-Founder, Director

Shifra C. Penkower, co-founder of the Women's Performance Community of Jerusalem, is the director of "HIDDEN: The Secret Jews of Spain," "Count the Stars," and the upcoming "WHISPER FREEDOM: The Soviet Jewry Struggle." She is an accomplished "multipotentialite" whose talents and interests span the humanities, STEM fields, and beyond. She is an experienced stage-, screen-, and voice actor, artist and designer, singer, dancer, choreographer, writer, editor, sleuth, mother, and DIY-er, whether that involves teaching herself HTML, fixing a VCR, or creatively solving other acronym-related challenges. (See: "multipotentialite.") She also directed the "Count the Stars" short film (2015) and has been a trusted member of pre- and post-production teams for countless other projects—theatrical, corporate, or otherwise—on three continents (so far) for over 20 years.

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Co-Founder, Associate Producer

Bati Katz Koplon, co-founder of the Women’s Performance Community of Jerusalem, is associate producer of "WHISPER FREEDOM – The Soviet Jewry Struggle", “Hidden – the Secret Jews of Spain” and “Count the Stars”. She deals seamlessly with each show’s logistics, email and social media connections with the cast and crew, and many organizational aspects of WPC. She has been in women’s theater almost her entire life, beginning at age eight, as a sheep in Raise Your Spirits’ “JOSEPH and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat”. Through the years, Bati has served as Stage Manager, Sound and Lighting Captain, Costume Designer and Dancer over the past several years. Bati works in HR at Hadassah Academic College as a career counselor.

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Musical Director, Choral Arranger

Ellen Macales, musical director and choral arranger of "HIDDEN", has vast experience in the field, having served as musical director for the Surflight Summer Stock Theater in Beach Haven, NJ, and the Plays-in-the-Park community theater in Edison, NJ. Ellen, an accomplished pianist, conductor, choral arranger and composer, currently directs a women's choir in Rehovot, known as the Doron Choir, and is the music teacher for Ulpanat Tzvia in Rehovot.

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Director of Choreography

​Judy Kizer is the director of choreography for "Count the Stars" and "Hidden". Judy has been dancing since she was three. She has performed in various dance companies in Atlanta and with Yuval Beck – Studio B in Israel. She has choreographed for ten seasons of Dames of the Dance. She also teaches tap in the Efrat Community Center, and is a nutritionist by trade.

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