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The Women’s Performance Community (WPC) of Jerusalem was founded in 2016 by Sharon Katz, Bati Katz Koplon, Shifra C. Penkower and Avital Macales, four women who are passionate about people and the performing arts. Understanding that the arts can be a uniting force, they decided to create a platform through which women of diverse backgrounds could meet and express themselves, thus bridging the gap between different communities in greater Jerusalem, and providing women with a safe space to showcase their talents.  



The Women’s Performance Community of Jerusalem aims to unite women through the common language of performing arts – all expertise levels welcome. 

The WPC joined with a natural partner, OU Israel, and runs monthly events at the OU Israel Center, located in the heart of Jerusalem, not far from the majestic walls of the Old City.

The WPC is proud to work with OU Israel's executive director Rabbi Avi Berman, and program director Rabbi Sam Shor, as well as the dynamic and supportive OU Israel staff.

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