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GOAL: $30,000

Your donation is tax-deductible!

"HIDDEN: The Secret Jews of Spain"is a new musical about a family in 18th-century Spain that struggles to secretly keep its Jewish faith alive, while outwardly pretending to be Christian amidst the ever-watching eyes of the Inquisition.

The musical is an adaptation of the treasured historical novel "The Family Aguilar" by Rabbi Marcus Lehmann.

We have been rehearsing since May, and the show will go on stage, please G-d, in Jerusalem in November 2018.

Who are we?

We are "The Women's Performance Community of Jerusalem" in partnership with the OU Israel Center, and we are passionate about creating educational theater that allows women and girls to express themselves in a fun and safe environment.

Our writers/composers, Sharon Katz & Avital Macales, devoted the past year to creating an unforgettable show, filled with drama and dance, music and mystery, heartbreak and hope, laughter and, ultimately, life. We cannot wait to perform for you and restore the cherished memory of Spain's hidden Jews, one of the most fascinating chapters of Jewish history.

You can help us make it happen - by contributing today


When you contribute to HIDDEN

you are making it possible for the show to have:

  • Musical arrangements for our 16 original songs

  • Use of the theater hall for several performance nights (exact number TBD)

  • Sound and lights

  • Sets and props

  • Period costumes for a cast of dozens of women and girls, each playing multiple roles

  • Printed programs

  • Advertising and publicity

I want to give, what do I need to know?

  • Your contribution is tax-deductable.

  • Your contribution goes directly and only towards the show's expenses.

  • The show's eventual proceeds from ticket sales will go to charity and to creating more meaningful theater in the future.

The Production Team

Music & Lyrics, Producers: Sharon Katz & Avital Macales

Musical Arrangements: Amit Ben-Atar 

Director: Shifra C. Penkower 

Musical Director: Ellen Macales

Director of Choreography: Judy Kizer  

Associate Producer: Bati Katz

~ For full bios, click here

If you have any questions or comments, we would love to hear from you: wpc.jerusalem@gmail.com




Castanets Level

$50 will go towards purchasing Spanish props, such as castanets, fans, shawls, veils and more.

Scenery Level

$125 will go towards creating a backdrop of a Spanish landscape.

Baroque Level

$250 will go towards acquiring set pieces that represent the Baroque period, such as chairs, tables, couches and more.

Flamenco Level

$400 will go towards creating period costumes, including flamenco dresses, clergy outfits, royal gowns, bullfighting attire and more.

Guitar Level

$650 will go towards creating musical arrangements for our 16 original songs, some of which include professional Spanish guitar playing.

Theater Level

$1,250 will go toward renting a 650-seat theater hall in Jerusalem for several performances.

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